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Sociabble Makes a Splash with Employee Advocacy & Employee Engagement in India

Jean-Louis Benard, CEO, Sociabble
Jean-Louis Benard CEO

Focus on employee advocacy and employee engagement in India. Recently, Sociabble had the honor of being featured in CIO Review India, a publication aimed at tech decision makers in the Indian market, with a focus on IT and communications.

The cover story included a profile of Sociabble CEO and Founder Jean-Louis Bénard, as well as additional details covering the importance of employee advocacy and internal communication in the burgeoning Indian market. Below are just a few reasons why these concepts are so critical in the region, and why platforms like Sociabble can play such an integral role.

India’s employee engagement market: An Arena Set for Growth

With its accelerated digital growth and strong offerings in the tech sector, the Indian market is uniquely suited to incorporating employee communication and employee advocacy program.

The importance of employee advocacy and empowerment relies on the will and ability of employees to share opinions online, primarily through various social media channels. Which is relevant because India’s IT workforce is young, tech-savvy, and extremely enthusiastic when it comes to social media. Recent studies show that by 2020, 50% of the workforce in India will be millennials/Gen Y. By 2025, this number is expected to jump to 75%. And when it comes to the IT industry, those numbers are probably even higher.

What does this mean? Effectively, that employees in the IT industry are perfectly positioned to build positive brand awareness online. Their collective voice carries a tremendous amount of digital weight, and it is in the interest of all companies to capitalize on this fact. The potential for growth in this area cannot be overstated, and it will be the smart corporations that learn to use it to their advantage.

This is the next evolutionary stage of corporate communication, and it is very much the direction of the future.

The Difference a Smart Communication Strategy Can Make in Employee Engagement in India

In the article, Jean-Louis Bénard sums up the challenge as follows:

An effective marketing strategy plays an important role in driving revenues for the companies.

Unlike in the past, companies have started investing in the MarTech to gain clear insights about the business and redefine the marketing strategy to target the new millennial.

Without realizing the immense potential of employee advocacy and internal communications, the majority of the companies are concentrating solely on the external marketing, leaving the strategic marketing through internal employees aside.

Essentially, companies are becoming aware of the importance of harnessing young, tech-savvy consumers and employees, but many are going about it the wrong way. They’re relying too much on traditional external marketing, and overlooking the tremendous potential of their own employees to act as ambassadors for the brand.

It is these employees who, when given the motivation and proper digital tools, will share to their own social networks their enthusiasm and commitment to their company. This type of brand awareness is important because it registers as more authentic and more reliable.

Consumers are much more likely to trust such recommendations when they’re coming from someone they know. And the smart communication strategy will take this into account, and make employees a crucial component of the overall communication plan.

The Platform Plus the Methodology

What Sociabble can bring to the Indian market when it comes to employee communication and advocacy is a powerful online platform coupled with the methodology companies need to implement a successful communication program.

Sociabble offers a centralized hub where employees can receive information sorted by relevance and topic, and then empowers them to either create their own content or share existing content on their social media channels. A host of special capabilities make the sharing of content both easy and fun. As Jean-Louis states in the article,

With a focus on keeping employees engaged, the platform offers a plethora of features including gamification, newsletters, and external sharing on the personal social media networks as per the instructions defined by administrators.Jean-Louis Bénard

And the communication platform is backed up by training materials, management guidance, and a team of CSMs who are on call to help with any questions that arise.

This combination of tools and methodology can make a critical difference for companies in the Indian market that are new to the concept of online employee communication and advocacy, making the planning and launch of such a program as smooth as possible. We’ve seen it happen again and again, in countries and markets around the world.  

Employee advocacy in India

As a special feature in CIO Review India, Sociabble’s Jean-Louis Bénard discusses the benefits and challenges of employee advocacy.

Sociabble’s Presence in the Employee Engagement Indian Market

At Sociabble, we understand the changing world of online employee communications, because we’ve been part of it since the start.

We’ve deployed hundreds of employee advocacy and communication programs in over 80 countries around the world over the last few years, helping improve employee engagement and influence for brands like Coca-Cola, BNP Paribas, Walt Disney, Groupe Renault, and L’Oréal. And when it comes to IT, we have a track record of success, working with companies like Microsoft, Kyocera, Talentsoft, Toshiba, and many more.

We opened our local office in Mumbai two years ago, and we understand the unique opportunities, challenges, and benefits of employee advocacy for this market. During this time, we have deployed projects successfully for local companies such as Infosys, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, and Freshworks, addressing the needs of employer branding, social recruitment, internal engagement, and brand awareness. We have even joined hands with partners such as Dentsu Webchutney, who know the market more than most and have brought expertise in content and social media to the table.

Together, we’ve released a fresh perspective on employee advocacy in India. We’re ready to use our experience to help your company succeed at employee advocacy, and let your employees’ voices be heard to build positive brand awareness for your brand.

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