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Sociabble Enters Hootsuite, Sprout Social & Sprinklr Market to Democratize the Field of Social Media Publishing

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

For several years now, the field of social media publishing has been dominated by a few players who have built powerful tools for disseminating news across social networks. And while indispensable for many companies, they’re also not for everyone, with features that simply don’t work for some employees.

For one, they’re highly sophisticated—which means that they require significant amounts of training to use properly, relegating their utility to a few dedicated social media managers who can afford the time.

Secondly, they demand a significant budget in order to benefit from their capabilities, which makes scaling the solution to the entire company almost impossible. In effect, they’re not made for the average employee, but rather they are designed to target Social Media Managers.

What does this mean? That scaling-up social media publishing is hard to do.

For these reasons, it has become very challenging for companies to scale their social media publishing efforts. For a large, international company, or even a small one, keeping a presence on social media has become difficult. Gone are the days when the general public followed one dedicated channel.

Today, they are getting bombarded on all sides by social media messaging. And with social media more democratized than ever, companies need to find an additional way to communicate their messaging.

Your social media manager, though highly trained and equipped with sophisticated tools, simply can’t keep up with the deluge of influencers, content creators, reviewers, and general talking heads. Their messaging is lost in the noise.

Why doesn’t the old model work? Because social media has changed.

Today, companies are coming around to the realization that a new model for social media publishing is needed. The old ways just won’t be enough to stay competitive. In an age when everyone has a voice, and every voice is clamoring to be heard, a single social media stream just doesn’t cut it. In fact, there are three main points that have made these changes necessary:

The need for authentic employee advocacy and social selling

Companies have discovered during the last few years the power of social advocacy with employee advocacy and social selling. But they also have discovered that consumers want authenticity.

It’s no longer about resharing mass-produced content, but rather sharing the genuine impressions and ideas of the employees themselves. This is seen as more genuine than typical branded content.

This can involve commenting with their own voice on the content the company has provided, but more and more it will mean producing their own content on social media, with an easy to use solution that even non-social media savvy people can manage by themselves.

The consolidation of tools

These days, a single integrated platform is needed to serve as a hub, where content can be aggregated and shared to multiple networks, but where content can also be easily created from scratch for sharing on social media.

Executives, employees, sellers—it doesn’t matter. They all need one single tool to help them enter the social media space and to enable them to receive and share content, as well as the ability to create and post their own authentic, personalized content.

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The local voice

For companies that have a network of agents, resellers, or shops, it simply isn’t feasible to manage from headquarters every local company page for networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

These local branches need basic social media publishing capabilities, and it doesn’t make sense to deploy an expensive, sophisticated tool in these scenarios. It’s too complicated, and too costly.

Sociabble is already the smart answer to employee communications.

When it comes to solving these problems—providing a platform that’s more democratic and easier to use than the competitors—Sociabble fits the bill.

And it’s already been at the front of the pack when it comes to employee advocacy and social selling for years, now.

According to analysts like Forrester, Sociabble’s capabilities:

Lead the sales social engagement tools category with functionality tailored to sellers and an ability to scale.

And with good reason. Success has been achieved thanks to the simplicity of its use, the quality of the UX, and its engagement features, like its gamification, advanced newsletter engine, and mobile app notifications.

It gives individual employees the ability and impetus to share content, and it provides administrators with the controls they need to make it effective.

Now, Sociabble is also a top social media publishing solution. For all employees.

Sociabble is now leading the way among social media publishing solutions because it gives tremendous publishing power to individual employees, democratizing how companies share on the various networks.

These are a few of the advantages that Sociabble brings to social media publishing:

  • Employees can not only reshare, but also create content for social media like they would a publishing tool. And it’s available for LinkedIn personal and company pages, as well for Twitter accounts and Facebook company pages.
  • It supports advanced formats like multi-photos, LinkedIn carousels, etc.
  • Its engagement features will prompt users to engage, with gamification, meaningful rewards, and advanced analytics to maximize interaction, and VIP features for execs.
  • It erases the boundary between “I share content that has been suggested to me” and “I create my own content.” With the Sociabble platform, employees do both seamlessly.
  • A host of compliance features (restricted keyword detection, for example) ensures that employees stay within company guidelines.
  • End users have the ability to create and schedule content on LinkedIn (company or personal page), as well as Twitter accounts and Facebook company pages, like any other social media publishing tool.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Sociabble platform can take your company’s social media publishing to whole new places, click here for a free demo. We’d love to tell you more.

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Want to see Sociabble in action?

Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a platform demo.