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Learn About Microsoft House of Fans and How it Drove Results Through the Roof

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A year ago, Microsoft France debuted “House of Fans.” A brand advocacy program which is aiming to transform  Microsoft super-fans into a community of brand advocates.

Since its inception, the program has been making waves in France, and Internationally. Not to mention, the program’s recent Top Com Grand Prix win in the Category of Marketing for “Relationship Marketing/ B2B Advertising” .

In a recent article, Laurent Giret, editor for On MSFT, and Microsoft House of Fans member- discusses not only the incredible program features and user experience, he also delves into the program’s origins and its bright future.

Read the full article here.



From The Get-Go

From its inception, the House of Fans program was influenced by some of Microsoft’s key values; such as inclusivity and authenticity. Microsoft France started with an employee advocacy program to encourage employees to share their love and passion for the brand across social media. Having seen the impact of this initiative, Microsoft soon realized the incredible potential that occurred from tapping into their fan base directly.

The search for program participants yielding a staggering 10 000 fan applications within just two weeks. Ultimately Microsoft invited a total of 4000 superfans to participate in the initiative.

After the first 6 months the program generated:

– 5,000 pieces of user-generated content submitted

– 400,000 engagement actions.

– Over 15,000 external shares on social media, with an organic reach of three million audience touchpoints.

– Engagement rates 5x greater than those achieved on social network


The Microsoft House of Fans Experience

The platform gives fans the ability to create a detailed profile that links directly their social networks. In order to create a sense of authenticity and build a sense of community, fans are encouraged to submit their own user-generated content (UGC). This is then moderated by platform admins and can be shared by other fans.

There is also gamification in the platform to help boost engagement. This offers fans the chance to win points (and ultimates Microsoft prizes and experiences) by creating content, liking and commenting on platform posts, and sharing content to their personal social networks.

Microsoft France also regularly invites fans to participate in offline experiences. This is where they can engage with Microsoft employees, test new products, and win prizes.

To learn more you can read the full article here.

For full details on the complete Microsoft House of Fans Experience, check out the case study here.

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