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Sociabble Recognized as a Strong Performer in Sales Social Engagement Solutions by Leading Global Research and Advisory Firm

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Forrester researched, analyzed, and scored vendors on 38 evaluation criteria as part of The Forrester Wave™: Sales Social Engagement Solutions, Q1 2021. Sociabble was selected as one of the eight most significant vendors on the Sales Social Engagement market by Forrester and ranked as a Strong Performer.

The Sociabble solution received the highest possible scores in 9 criteria including: experience tools, data security, channels, messaging, UI, user management, devices, administration, and commercial model. 

The Forrester report found that Sociabble “…has strong data security and holds extensive certifications in accordance with international conformity laws specific to the software industry.”

And they gave Sociabble among the highest scores in the Security and Privacy criterion. The Forrester report also noted some of Sociabble’s core engagement features, stating: “Sociabble has embedded an advanced gamification framework within the platform” and pointed out our CSR-driven initiatives. “The vendor additionally offers meaningful external social incentives such as its Sociabble Trees program, which rewards engaged employees with real trees planted in reforestation projects.”

At Sociabble, we’re honored and extremely excited to be mentioned in the report.

Sociabble is the only solution that combines Social Selling and Employee Communication.

We’re pleased to see that Sociabble made the list of top solutions, because we’re the only one that is specialized to handle both Social Selling and Employee Communication.

The Sociabble platform is a versatile tool, designed to be used for a spectrum of business communication purposes; it empowers employees to build a profile and make connections online, but it also keeps them informed and engaged with company and industry news.

And obviously, the two are related: the more an employee knows about what’s going on internally and externally, the more they can create content and share relevant information, thus gaining a reputation as an expert in their field. Sociabble enables this to happen.

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Sociabble is the only global solution headquartered in Europe.

Sociabble is a global company with offices in New York, London, Paris, Lyon, and Mumbai. But we’re headquartered in Europe, here in Paris, which means we have a unique understanding of the needs of companies that are also based in the EU.

The Sociabble platform is totally compliant with the GDPR needs of European clients, it was designed with that in mind.

We also understand the complexities of integrating different languages and cultures together in a seamless fashion. Our instant translation feature is a perfect example, enabling offices in different countries to stay connected and share information.

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Sociabble takes a unique approach to Sales Social Engagement.

When the selections were made for top solutions, most came from either the Social Media realm or that of Sales Enablement. We’re happy to have made the list, because Sociabble takes a truly unique approach to Sales Social Engagement, that’s totally separate from what those other solutions are doing.

For example:

We think that Social Selling shouldn’t be limited to a few specialists.

It should be a company-wide initiative. Easy-to-use solutions for enabling large populations of sellers, but with the ability to extend beyond and to activate the whole company on social networks. Because you can influence a deal not only through sellers but with many other touch points. Experts, field staff—everyone can get involved.

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When it comes to social media management tools, simplicity and ease of use is key. Sociabble makes it easy for all employees to create their own content and share it natively to various social networks.

We put an emphasis on information and engagement.

To make the above possible, you need a solution that first makes sure that employees are properly informed and engaged. Otherwise, you cannot expect them to be social sellers, or even effective advocates of the company.

This is the strategy we’ve chosen. That in order to have effective Social Selling, you need employees who are informed, engaged, and influential online.

We believe in targeted content for large-scale initiatives.

Succeeding in these large-scale Social Selling programs requires relevant content that targets specifically the right audience groups from among your employees, and a governance that is compatible with very large organizations.

Sociabble’s first client was Microsoft, which deployed Sociabble for 15,000 employees 7 years ago. From that time since, we’ve kept on deploying large scale programs, like the one we created for Generali.

We use gamification and rewards to boost engagement.

Making sure that users keep on engaging with the platform is critical for a program’s success. As highlighted by Forrester, our gamification framework and rewards make a natural partner for CSR initiatives.

Sociabble Trees, our feature which rewards employees for engagement by planting trees in their name, is the perfect example of how rewards and gamification can boost engagement, and have a positive impact on the planet in the process.

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Sociabble Trees gets your employees involved in the fight against deforestation in a way that’s fun and boosts engagement.

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We’ve already helped dozens of companies in over 80 countries around the world, including industry leaders like Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), Infosys, and Generali.

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Want to see Sociabble in action?

Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a platform demo.