#SociableDay: Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic


Celebrating #SociableDay as Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic

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Press Release, June 2015

Almost 13 000 employees in 23 different countries took part in #SociableDay, an informative and interactive audiovisual event dedicated to social media and organized in collaboration with Brainsonic. The launch of the Sociabble employee advocacy platform was a central element of the event.


#SociableDay: Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic
#SociableDay: Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic

Under the leadership of new CEO Stephen Kelly, Sage has taken a crucial step as part of its digital transformation. Well aware of the benefits of incorporating social media into business strategy; the British software company also wanted to engage employees with the help of Brainsonic teams. Drawing inspiration from television formats to produce #SociableDay, a video designed for publication on social networks. Additionally, Brainsonic enabled Sage to engage employees throughout the world on social media and propel the company’s social acceleration.

#SociableDay focused on two key areas: boosting employees’ awareness of the potential of social media; as well as amplifying brand visibility on social networks through employee engagement on the Sociabble brand advocacy platform. The event enjoyed unprecedented success, engaging employees with more than 100 sessions and 23 countries, in just one day.


#SociableDay: Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic


An Initiative Dedicated to Employee Engagement on Social Media

On Tuesday May 26 2015, 13 000 Sage employees took part in #SociableDay.

The concept? A global conference dedicated to social media and associated best practices. This concept, which was drawn up by Brainsonic, allowed Sage teams around the world to drive digital transformation through a 40-minute video. This video was also presented by a journalist and subtitled in five languages; German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and French. Additionally, it featured a broadcast during 100 sessions in 23 countries within the space of just 24 hours.

The objective? To boost employees’ awareness of social media best practices; as well as the benefits of using social networks to drive business activity.

The result? An operation followed all over the world, generating high levels of engagement among Sage teams as well as social media users. In fact, over 5000 event-related tweets were recorded.


#SociableDay: Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic


Engagement Driven by Interaction and Implication

“The video focused on interaction between presenters and the public. Every piece of advice was immediately practiced by the audience, and was supported by speakers. This way of presenting information was really appreciated by Sage employees; and was also perfectly in line with the objectives of the initiative,” explained Xavier Monty, Head of Social Media at Sage.

Local teams in all corners of the globe also got involved; using this day as an opportunity to engage collectively in company activity. From the United Kingdom to the US and from Brazil to Australia, the employee engagement took place at a global scale.


#SociableDay: Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic

Sage Boosts Employee Engagement by Launching Sociabble

Sociabble, the employee advocacy platform developed by Brainsonic, is now available to all Sage employees. Additionally accessible through SalesForce and connected to Chatter (the enterprise social network used by Sage); the platform enables the company to amplify its visibility on social media through engaging employees to share content on their own social networks.


#SociableDay: Sage accelerates on Social Media with Brainsonic

#SociableDay: The First Step of Long-Term dynamic Accompanied by Brainsonic

“#SociableDay has always been thought of as the beginning of something even bigger. It is the first step necessary for engaging employees of a global strategy, designed to accompany Sage in the long run. The next step? The launch of a Social training program” explained Guillaume Mikowski, Managing Director at Brainsonic.

Indeed, the social training program will be the continuation of the acceleration coming from #SociableDay. Made up of advanced social media training sessions for marketing, HR, sales and R&D teams, the initiative will also be built around best practices on social networks. These training sessions will enable teams to consolidate their social media skills; as well as receive recognition for progress made in the form of certifications.

This global initiative is perfectly adapted to the objectives of Sage’s digital transformation; and has also been embraced by employees throughout the organization.

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