Twitter Introduces “A Better Way to Connect with People”


Twitter Introduces “A Better Way to Connect with People”

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Twitter has introduced a new feature designed to make it easier for users to find new accounts to follow. The Connect tab presents users with a list of suggested accounts based on who they already follow, popular accounts in their area, and the latest news and events. It is also available to everyone on Twitter for Android and iOS. The feature additionally lets users know why they receive each recommendation.

Full details about the Connect tab can be found on the Twitter blog. But how are people receiving this? “New users [on Twitter] often find it difficult to build their network and figure out what they’re supposed to do,” observes The Independent. “There’s a danger that the Connect tab will just make the Twitter app bloated and even more confusing”.



Not so, argues Social Media Today. “The addition of an improved user discovery option, based on your, individual, on-platform actions, is crucial to Twitter’s ongoing relevance. Why? Because social media, overall, is becoming more personalized which, in turn, is increasing user expectation for experiences tailored to them and their actions specifically”.

This is a key point. Social media users are indeed looking for a personalized user experience; and have come to expect social networks to propose relevant content. Peer-to-peer interaction already helps people to share experiences and discover new brands. The challenge for social networks lies in driving such discovery based on user interests and behavior.

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