Twitter Moments: What’s the Verdict?

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Twitter Moments: What’s the Verdict?

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Earlier this week Twitter announced the arrival of Twitter Moments, “the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant”. Currently only available in the US, Moments are hope to provide Twitter users with easily digestible stories that reflect timely news, sport, and events. Users can access them by clicking on the lightning bolt symbol in the bottom bar of the Twitter app; or the top bar of the platform’s web version.

So how are people reacting to the new feature? We’ve scanned the web to find out.

Moments offer a new experience for Twitter users across the board; but Social Media Week rightly points out that the feature is an important development for marketers in particular. This is because “regardless of who you follow, these new ‘Moments’ will bring you up to speed on the most important, relevant, talked about interactions”. They are therefore “a great way for marketers to better understand possible conversations, trends and events to join”.

But does the introduction of Moments go beyond creating an enhanced experience for current members? Has Twitter introduced Moments to attract new members and win back those who are inactive? This article from Newsweek argues that the platform is trying to “lure newcomers”; that “the new feature is part of a larger push to make Twitter more accessible to people who are not ‘heavy users’”.



Similarly, writing for the New York Times; Farhad Manjoo states that the feature “attempts to transform Twitter’s chaotic timeline into a series of narratives that are easily navigated by people who aren’t indoctrinated into the service’s strange rituals.”

Indeed, perhaps the ability to access tweets that are organized according to themes is likely to interest those who remain unconvinced by the chronological, uncategorized layout of the Twitter newsfeed. Additionally, with the arrival of new CEO Jack Dorsey, perhaps Moments have arrived at an opportune time. Farhad Manjoo certainly thinks so; writing that Twitter now “has a new boss and, in Moments, a rough sketch for a new direction.”

This article from Wired is one of many that refer to Moments as one of the biggest new features Twitter has introduced since it launched in 2006. As the platform rolls out the new feature, the extent to which this assertion is true will soon become clear.

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