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Change management & the Kotter method

Change is something many companies struggle with, even with helpful tools like the Kotter Method at hand. This white paper looks out how to combine narrative arcs and concrete digital tools to empower effective change.
Table of Contents
  1. A new approach to change management
  2. Common reasons companies struggle with change management
  3. How to overcome these challenges?
  4. Effective tools to succeed in your change initiatives
  5. Case studies

From digital transformation to strategic restructuring to simply installing a new platform, managing change is a crucial part of modern corporate life. Yet managing change effectively and efficiently in a lasting way is something many companies continue to struggle with. And this is often because they’re not properly equipped to guide the transformation. The strategy is too vague and theoretical, and not backed up by concrete tools and communication best practices. In order to succeed, a sweeping, structural change requires the proper tools, the right attitude, and a comprehensive, step-bystep strategy.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss how to ensure your company’s next change management project is a success, using time-tested techniques updated for the age we live in and enhanced with the latest digital tools.

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