Internal Communication

How to improve internal communication and increase productivity with internal communication insights
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What is Business Communication, and How to Improve It

A company is a bit like an organism. And business communication is like the nervous system that keeps the different…

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Edenred reinvents its internal communications for its 10 000 employees

How to break down the barriers between 10 000 employees in four months?

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Interview with L’Occitane Group: An Internal Communication Case Study

Founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976, right in the Provence region of France, the L’OCCITANE Group is a leader in…

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Webinar with ExterionMedia

Discover how ExterionMedia transformed internal communication, empowering employees for true engagement.

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The Missing Link in Your Employee Communications

Elevate your employee communication strategy for today’s digital world. Stand out amid giants like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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The 10 Key Features of an Effective Internal Communication Solution

98% use social media, 71% on mobile. New info sharing. Join us to stay ahead!

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Change Management models: 8 proven strategies for success

Change management models can help you to determine what the best path to take is when it comes to enacting…

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How to structure the Digital Workplace?

What are the critical objectives that the digital workplace must achieve, particularly for disconnected employees?

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What is Internal Communications vs. Employee Communication: The Ultimate Guide

How is internal communication different from employee communication? What’s the best way to launch a comms program? This guide will…

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ExterionMedia Places Employees at the Forefront of Internal Communication

ExterionMedia chose to implement Sociabble, a platform that centralizes all internal communication channels, and allows users to create content by…

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BBGR Sets an Innovative Example of Internal Communication in the Factory

With innovative and interactive internal communication, optical lens manufacturer BBGR successfully integrates the Nikon brand into its company.

Drapeaux Allianz
 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

Allianz France Launches a Social Wall to Boost the Visibility of Brand Content and Internal Communication

In order to create an additional window into brand content and drive internal communication, Allianz France has launched a Social…