The Employee Communication
RFP Template

Did you know that there’s a simple way to choose the best Employee Communication platform for your company?
Many companies are on the lookout for a new Employee Communication platform to help their employees become better informed and more engaged. The challenge, however, is finding the best platform to fit the specific needs of your organization. Which is why we created this ready-to-use RFP template, to help make the search a little easier for you. 

With this RFP template you will have: 

A standardized, ready-to-use document that you can use to easily compare vendors 

A chance to lay out and describe your project’s goals, timeline, needs, etc. 

Smart customization evaluation metrics to fit your project 

A great tool to organize and speed up your selection process and get started with your EC dream project 

 Simply enter your details to receive the RFP template. 

Don’t hesitate to include Sociabble in your next RFP, we’d love to answer all your questions and demonstrate the capabilities of our employee communication platform.
RFP - The Employee Communication RFP Template

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