1400 Windsurfers, thousands of fans, unlimited reach!

Defi Wind, the World’s Largest windsurfing event launches Sociabble4Fans!

Bringing together over 1000 windsurfers in Gruissan France, Defi Wind is the world’s largest windsurfing event.

Yet rather than rely just on traditional methods of communication throughout their event Defi Wind went one step further by engaging legions of superfans across one single platform – with Sociabble4Fans.


Case Study - Defi Wind

The challenge:

Engaging 1400 windsurfers and their thousands of followers across the globe during a three- day event. The solution needed to be simple to use, as well as easily accessible for fans on location and around the world.

Enter Sociabble4Fans, and online platform designed to engage and build a community of superfans.

Sociabble and Defi Wind Case Study

Key Objectives

  • Find a platform that would bring together over 1000 windsurfers
  • Centralize content published by event organizers, sponsors, partners, and affiliate retailers
  • Help drive affinity with Defi Wind by allowing fans to play a central role in idea generation

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