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Branded Mobile Apps: A Game Changer for Internal Communication & Employee Engagement

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A branded app is more than just a nice bonus when it comes to employee engagement. It’s a crucial component of a larger engagement strategy, and an effective way to make all employees feel like they’re part of the same team.

In this article, we’ll explore the role that internal comms play in boosting employee engagement, and explain why a branded app is so helpful in creating positive business outcomes for organizational success.

Efficient internal comms improve employee engagement

For a business to run smoothly and effectively, there has to be a network of constant information exchange binding the various parts together, helping employees to stay connected. This is why strong internal communication is essential to better business outcomes overall.

Employee engagement is a result of a good communication strategy. It’s when employees are actively involved in company life, absorbing news, and contributing their own ideas and feedback.

Engaged employees are more productive, less prone to mistakes, more dedicated to the services they provide, and generally more loyal to their company and their customers.

As part of a communication strategy, branded mobile apps have the power to keep employees connected to their internal comms infrastructure no matter where they are, and it boosts their level of engagement.

This is just as true for a frontline worker out in the field, like a sales rep or those in warehouses and factories, as it is for an executive in corporate HQ. 

So is employee engagement important? Yes, it certainly is! 

The role of branded apps in internal communication

But what, specifically, is a branded mobile app? Well, it’s an application for an employee’s mobile device that gives them instant access to the company’s communication platform, with all the same functionalities as a desktop connection, while also providing an experience that reflects the company’s visual style–its same look and feel to enhance the employee experience, just like one might encounter with an app from an online store.

Why does this matter? Because this unique link with visual identity helps to foster a strong sense of company culture. This matters for everyone, but it can be especially important for frontline and remote workers who might not be in an office, for example. It’s a way of making them feel at home as part of the employee experience, like their services are contributing to a bigger team.

branded app for retail worker

Key benefits of branded apps for internal communication

So we know that a branded app is important, that it has an overall positive effect. But what are the specific benefits in the workplace? What positive changes can a company expect to see when it is employed as part of their communication platform and strategy?

Enhanced brand visibility and recognition among employees

It’s a simple fact: a branded mobile app increases brand visibility on users’ devices, creating constant reminders of its presence. With a unique app icon and design, it becomes more recognizable among the users who engage with it.

A branded app can cultivate a strong sense of community that emphasizes the numerous benefits and services associated with being a member of this exclusive club.

Additionally, a branded app can foster a strong sense of company culture, boost employee morale among teams, and improve communication between teams within the workplace.

It’s more than just a visual element on your employees’ mobile devices; it’s a powerful tool that can significantly foster a unified company culture and improve employee engagement. A distinct and recognizable app icon, designed in line with your visual identity, serves as a constant reminder.

Empowering frontline workers

In today’s fast-paced business environment, instant availability and responsiveness of a branded app can significantly motivate frontline workers.

This is because, as the backbone of any organization, frontline employees often need real-time communication and up-to-date scheduling to effectively perform their job duties. 

Moreover, the use of a branded app can boost brand awareness within the business. When multiple workers engage with an employee communications mobile app daily, it serves as a constant reminder of the company’s mission, values, and culture.

This frequent interaction can foster a sense of belonging among employees, guiding them to align their actions with the organization’s values and key drivers.

Effective communication via a branded app also plays a pivotal role in aligning all employees with company values. For example, an employee engagement app can humanize the customer experience by motivating employees to deliver better customer service while doing their job.

Such an app can also streamline communication, recognition, feedback surveys, and chat, fostering a sense of community among employees and their teams.

Additional benefits of a branded app

Of course, there are other more tangible and less theoretical business benefits of incorporating a branded mobile app into your internal communication strategy as well. Some of them include:

Instant availability across devices

The responsiveness of a branded app ensures instant availability on any device, eliminating the need for content adaptation and saving valuable time. A branded app can be developed for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, etc.), allowing the corporation to reach a broader audience across various devices.

Personalization for a user-centric experience

A branded app allows for personalized user experiences, tailoring content and offers based on individual preferences and behaviors. This level of personalization enhances the user’s experience and fosters a deeper relationship with the brand, which will engage employees.

Offline access for uninterrupted convenience

A branded app can offer offline access to certain content, ensuring users can access critical information or complete tasks even without an internet connection, and thus ensures continuous communication.

Success stories of branded mobile apps in internal communication & employee engagement research

At Sociabble, we’ve helped dozens of clients create a signature employee communication platform, complete with a branded mobile app to keep all of their workers connected and feeling like part of their teams. Here are just a few success stories:

A Leading Security Provider Brings Its Field Agents Closer Thanks to a Branded Mobile App

Seris Security, a leader in professional security, was seeking a way to keep its field operatives more closely connected to company life and news while also empowering them to better service customers.

Together with Sociabble, they were able to give their field agents direct and constant access to the company’s central communication platform “Open’Up,” all thanks to an easy-to-use mobile branded app.

Frontline workers now have precisely the same level of access and ability to interact with company information as an office employee at a desk. Field agents can report an illness or accident, change contact details (address, telephone), request a payroll or premium check, and even send a bank details form, right from their mobile device.

Every day, from the various sites from which they work, Seris Security agents are informed and engaged by the content offered on Open’Up. With Group news, HR updates, and key data, Open’Up keeps them constantly connected and up to date.

To learn more about Seris Security’s experience, you can read the full success story here.

A World-Renowned Retail Company Connects over 70,000 Employees 

A multinational fashion retailer wanted a single platform that served as a digital portal for the organization, connecting all employees and enhancing their experience through an open and collaborative culture.

To accomplish this, they partnered with Sociabble, deploying a custom-made platform with a mobile app designed to match their own corporate identity–one that was easily accessible to employees in retail outlets.

As a result of the initiative, they achieved 80% active users, with 89% of their content being generated by the employees themselves.

A global news channel generated 4.5 million impressions, proving the power of the branded mobile app to help out their teams.

A Global Medical Device Company Strengthens Frontline Communication Across 9 Locations 

A multinational medical device solutions and services company, with nine locations worldwide, sought to provide comprehensive communication tools to all employees, including both office-based and frontline staff. With frontline workers making up close to fifty percent of the workforce, the company faced significant communication challenges and a sense of disconnection among its employees. The absence of corporate emails for frontline workers exacerbated the feeling of disconnection, making it crucial to find an innovative approach to unify the workforce. 

To address these challenges, many of Sociabble’s features were implemented innovatively. A branded app was launched specifically for frontline workers, enabling them to access important information without needing corporate emails. User-generated content and dedicated communication spaces were introduced, allowing employees to share important team events easily. TV widgets were utilized to share information across different sites. Translation features ensured clear communication across various countries, and plans were made to activate chat rooms to engage with frontline workers on site-specific issues. 

In just two months, 60% of the company’s employees had joined the platform, with the number steadily increasing, including 35% of frontline workers. Some sites achieved an 85% participation rate among their workforce. The platform now hosts over 500 pieces of content, with 48% contributed by users themselves.

Sociabble enabled the company to establish clear communication lines, boost employee engagement, and connect all employees, both office-based and frontline workers. 

Sociabble for your branded app to boost employee engagement

Strong internal communications is what enables businesses to operate efficiently, and a branded mobile app puts that line of connection in the hands of every employee, creating a true sense of community and belonging among workers. It makes them feel like part of a team.

It’s never too late, or too difficult, to add a branded mobile app into your organization’s communication mix. Here at Sociabble, we’ve worked with industry leaders around the world to create tailored employee communication solutions, including customers like Coca-Cola CCEP, Renault Group, and L’Occitane, to name a few.

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