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Transitioning Your Teams from Workplace from Meta in India to a Platform that comes with Local Consultancy & Support

With Workplace from Meta shutting down, companies are searching for alternatives which are not only technically superior but also come with the right support to actually make internal communication projects a success. In this article, you will find solutions.
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Communication Team Experts in Internal Communication

Value of Local Support  

Choosing a communication platform that comes with strong support and consultancy is crucial for Indian companies, which often face unique challenges without local support. Many organizations struggle with the complexities of deploying and managing new communication systems without tailored guidance, leading to prolonged transition periods, misalignment with local practices, and underutilization of the platform’s features.  

These challenges are exacerbated by the diverse linguistic and cultural landscape in India, where a one-size-fits-all approach often fails. Having local consultancy ensures a smoother transition, as consultants who understand regional nuances can provide culturally aligned training and support. This local expertise facilitates quicker adoption, better user engagement, and seamless integration of the new platform into daily operations, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of the communication system​​​​​​. 

Essential Features for a New Platform in the Indian Context  

A good employee communication platform must have many important features. Some of these features are even more important for the Indian market. Thus, communication teams in India must ensure their platform of choice covers these locally important criteria.  

  • Multi-Language Support: Real-time translation and customization for regional languages. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: Designed for both office and frontline workers with a mobile-first approach. 
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with local systems such as HRMS and the Microsoft ecosystem. 
  • AI Functionality: Advanced AI tools for content generation, moderation, and personalization to save time as small comms teams service a large employee base. 
  • Audience Targeting: Tailored content delivery based on detailed audience segmentation among employees. 
  • Robust Newsletter Engine: India’s employee communication still relies heavily on emails. While a new platform with various other access points is crucial for change, it is still important that it also includes this strong vehicle of communication as one of the many rich ways to reach employees. 
  • Employee Advocacy: With a large employee base, a lot of organizations are starting to see their employees as their strongest influencers online. Their employee communication platform must support the employee advocacy vision as well. 

Sociabble: A Superior Alternative with Local Support 

Sociabble stands out as a comprehensive platform designed to help Indian companies create an informed, engaged, and influential workforce. 

Key Support Features within the Indian Context: 

Real-time Translation

Sociabble’s translation feature is designed to bridge language barriers within global organizations by offering real-time translation. For instance, consider a multinational company with employees based in India, including those who speak various regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali. When corporate updates or internal news are posted on Sociabble, the platform automatically translates the content into the preferred language of each employee. This ensures that a Hindi-speaking frontline worker in Delhi and a Tamil-speaking office employee in Chennai can both access and understand the same information seamlessly, fostering inclusivity and improving overall engagement across the company​​​​. 

Mobile Accessibility

Sociabble’s mobile app which can be completely branded as per the company’s branding guidelines, is a powerful tool designed to connect frontline employees in India who are often disconnected from traditional office applications. With its mobile-first approach, Sociabble ensures that employees, whether they are in remote locations, on the field, or in retail environments, can access important company updates, participate in engagement activities, and share feedback directly from their smartphones.

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Integration Capabilities

Sociabble seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Single Sign-On (SSO), and various HRMS systems, making it an ideal solution for companies in India that rely on these tools for their digital workplace infrastructure. 

Audience Targeting

Sociabble’s audience targeting feature enables Indian companies to effectively reach and engage their diverse workforce by delivering highly relevant content tailored to specific groups. This sophisticated targeting allows organizations to segment their employees based on various criteria such as city, language, department, and seniority. For example, a company can send localized updates in regional languages to employees in different cities, share department-specific news and resources, and tailor messages for different levels of seniority. This ensures that every employee receives information that is pertinent to their role and context, enhancing engagement and ensuring that critical communications are not overlooked. 

AI Functionality

Sociabble’s advanced AI tools for content generation, moderation, and personalization help Indian companies save time while still ensuring the delivery of high-quality, customized content to their diverse workforce. These AI capabilities streamline the creation of engaging and relevant content by automatically generating tailored messages, suggesting improvements, and adjusting tones to fit the company’s voice and cultural nuances. Additionally, the AI tools efficiently moderate user-generated content to ensure compliance and appropriateness, reducing the manual workload for communication teams. 

Robust Newsletter Engine

Sociabble’s robust newsletter engine allows companies to create highly personalized and dynamic newsletters that cater to segmented audiences. With features like targeted content blocks, scheduling options, and advanced analytics, Sociabble ensures that employees receive relevant updates in a timely manner. 

Employee Advocacy

Sociabble’s advocacy feature empowers employees to become brand ambassadors by sharing company-approved content on their personal social networks with just a few clicks. This feature not only amplifies the company’s reach but also fosters employee engagement and pride by involving them in the company’s communication strategy​​​​. 

Local Support & Consultancy

How many times have you deployed a new platform, only to sunset it due to a lack of adoption? Sometimes the low engagement is due to a subpar platform, but very often a strong factor is the lack of sufficient support. 

What kind of support does a company need while launching a new internal communication platform? 

  • Technical Support: The most obvious one of course is prompt technical support in case of any hiccups during BAU. For example: a user is unable to sign in. 
  • Technical Consultancy: No, this isn’t a typo. This is different from the technical support. This accounts for more high-level technical intelligence of working with the product team. For example: What are the various ways you can onboard your diverse workforce who do not have an email id or access to a laptop? 
  • Product Training: Live and recorded trainings to support employees with ease of use of the platform. For example: How do I submit content on the platform? Live tutorials on the platform itself triggered once a user logs in are a huge plus in the onboarding journey. 
  • Project Management: A local consulting team to help you with the operational management of the project. For example: What will be the timelines for each step of the project leading up to the launch and who will be responsible for which task? 
  • Strategic Consultancy: A local consulting team helping you strategize the vision for your project and synchronization of this vision among all key stakeholders. Example: What are the key KPIs we will be measuring to define the success of this project for year 1? 

Why is it important to have local support? 

  • Cultural Understanding: India is a diverse workplace. There are specific nuances to consider, such as multiple languages of content, comms team set ups that can be centralized or decentralized, technical environments to support frontline workforce or the use of regional HRMS systems, unique stakeholder management and more. To launch a successful employee communication project, one needs the support of local consultants who understand these very nuances and have walked a similar path with other Indian clients. 
  • Time Zone Support: Our world may be very global, but we still function on different time zones. Working with someone who can pick up the phone more promptly as they share similar work hours facilitates accelerated progress. 
  • Offline Support: Our world may have gone digital but sitting across from each other to brainstorm a launch plan still hasn’t gone out of fashion. This also relates to the possibilities to have an offline launch for your new communication platform or host an offline workshop to improve engagement. 

Planning Your Transition 

  • Audit Existing Tools and Workflows: Understand what is currently in place and what needs improvement. This will help you identify essential features and potential upgrades with a platform like Sociabble. One of the best parts of this kind of transition is that it allows you to eliminate inefficient or ineffective practices, and put into place clean, new protocols and methods that help your company perform at its best. 
  • Engage Stakeholders: Involve key stakeholders in the decision-making process. Their insights will be valuable in choosing a platform that meets the diverse needs of your workforce. Find out what areas of improvement can be addressed with your new platform’s capabilities.  
  • Data Migration Strategy: Plan how you will transfer existing data to the new platform. But be careful. There are toolkits to help you manage the migration, however, you probably don’t need to transport all of the old Workplace data to your new platform, as much of it will be out-of-date and not relevant. At Sociabble, we offer additional assistance with these kinds of concerns thanks to our customer success team, which can provide expert guidance and support throughout the transition process. 
  • Training and Onboarding: Develop a comprehensive training program to help employees adapt to the new platform. Highlight the benefits and improvements over the old system to encourage adoption. At Sociabble, we have a local consulting team in India who has been through this process with several clients already and can help you achieve the same while understanding and catering to your unique needs.  

Sociabble is more than just the perfect replacement for Workplace from Meta. It’s a chance to improve your employee communications. 

Sociabble has been in India since 2017, and has both the global expertise of working with clients such as Coca-Cola CCEP, and the local experience of working with clients like Tata, to not only meet but surpass your requirements and expectations from an internal communication platform. 

Ready to make the move? For more information or to schedule a free demo, please contact us. We’re here to assist you in making this important transition as seamless and beneficial as possible. 

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