The Influential You: Social Selling for Executives

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This White Paper provides a clear, simple, and practical roadmap to help execs establish and grow their online profile. Additionally, it shows how those same skills and strategies can help your company.

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✔ Actionable steps, starting as soon as today!
✔ Ready-to-use schedule for your social media activities
✔ List of main KPIs to track to evaluate your success
✔ The Infosys success story and how to replicate it

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PUB -Infosys Social Selling

How can you make your online presence grow into something significant?

1. Learn everything you need to know about Social Media
Start with a self-assessment of your social media persona, get personalized tips based on your preferred network, benefit from +300 clients' best practices for setting up tracking KPIs and goals.
2. Deep dive into the Infosys blueprint
Master Social Media presence by reading about Infosys becoming Share of Voice leader. Unlock industry best practices to leverage Employee Advocacy to increase the number of sales leads, strengthen the relationship with your clients, and hire top performers.
3. Get on the Social Selling train with other industry leaders
Infosys leaders share their strategies, “a big part of success, we discovered, was just being consistent. Posting and sharing content has really helped evangelize mindshare with clients and prospects, in a meaningful and authentic way." Infosys, Senior Director of Marketing.
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