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Read About Sociabble and Our Time at the Social Tools Summit in Boston, USA

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On Tuesday May 12th 2015, Sociabble will be at the Social Tools Summit; the first conference dedicated to social media tools. Taking place in Boston, the event will offer pertinent insights for company executives and marketing managers alike. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to discover the Sociabble brand advocacy platform, which will be presented by Marylin Montoya, VP Marketing at Sociabble.

Ms Montoya will appear on the panel “How to Use Your Fans and Employees to Build a Social Advocacy Program”; which will focus on the advantages of using an advocacy platform to leverage the voice of those who already support a brand: fans and employees. Ms Montoya will discuss why advocacy isn’t just about content amplification; as well as the fact that companies need to go beyond the functionalities of the chosen tool in order to ensure long-term success.



Discover the Sociabble brand advocacy solutions for employees and brand fans.

The social media landscape is evolving; companies attempting to grab a share of the voice are limited by the growing presence of competitors; while minimum bid prices for paid online advertising are on the rise. The Social Tools Summit will provide valuable insights into how companies can leverage brand advocacy to overcome these hurdles.

The Social Wall: All Event Speaker Feeds in One Place

Click here to view the Social Tools Summit Social Wall: a self-refreshing interface, created by Sociabble, that aggregates content from all speakers’ Twitter feeds. You can click to share tweets on any of your own social networks without leaving the interface.

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